8 Effective Blogging Tips to Grow Your Blog by Leaps and Bounds

On your way to getting into blogging? Go through these EFFECTIVE blogging tips as they’ll help you find success in the blogging competition.

Abdul Wahab Asif
8 min readApr 27, 2021

So, you’ve got started with blogging but unable to understand what’s holding you back from cracking out Google.

It’s normal!

Blogging is a versatile business. After setting up your blog, you hire freelancers. Create content. Publish it. And consistently repeat. Since there’s a lot to do — to succeed here– you may get overwhelmed and make some mistakes.

Again, it’s normal.

We are bound to mistakes in the beginning. But remember, the mistake of ignoring an important step in the blogging game can cause big problems down the road. These may be in the form of low to NO user engagement, POOR SEO visibility, or even worse…

Either way, you don’t want anything to come in the way of your successful blogging journey. Right?

That’s exactly why I’ve come up with an extensive list of blogging tips for you. If followed right, these will help you drive TONS of traffic, rank better on Google, and ultimately make you a successful blogger with a dedicated audience.

Feeling impatient? Wait no more and jump right into the tips:

1. Define Your Target Audience

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Okay, you’ve bought domain & hosting, and successfully set up your blog. Now what? You’re excited to start conversing with your audience and share your thoughts, tips, etc.

I get it — I experienced the same.

But how can you shoot an arrow without knowing the target? Can you fire it anywhere out in the air? I think otherwise.

The same is with crafting blogs. You cannot start creating them without defining your target audience.

Are they growing kids, studying teenagers, or people between 40–45?

This is, in fact, a highly important aspect you DON’T want to miss. For instance, when you’re writing for experienced digital marketers, wouldn’t it feel awkward to throw old-school kids jokes in your blog post?

When you define your target audience — and have an overview in mind, your writing automatically levels up. Because such a write-up looks more personalized to the readers, making it more engaging for them.

Don’t believe me? Try for yourself. Or take a word from John Locke.

In my opinion, understanding who your target audience is, and what they want, and writing to them (and only them!) is the most important component of being successful as an author. John Locke

Key Point: Remember your target audience while writing.

2. Don’t Just Write. Engage!

Do you know what takes your writing to the next level? What makes well-known writers highly demanded? It’s their ability to create a connection between the blog post and the readers.

In other words, it’s called engagement, or creating engaging content.

An engaging blog post helps you retain people on your website, which is a huge content marketing goal.

The longer people stay on your website, the better. Because this way, they’re more likely to buy your product/service or at least, share your blog post — your ultimate goal.

But how do you engage your target audience, talk to them, and ensure that they stick with you longer?

Here are simple tips to do that:

● Tell a story

● Use compelling visuals

● Give examples

● Ask relatable questions

● Share personal experiences

● Use humor (but carefully)

Micheal de Mountaigne says,

Speech belongs half to the speaker, half to the listener. Michel de Montaigne

Key Point: Keep your readers engaged

3. Grow Your Email List

Image source: I created myself

You seem to be making a huge mistake if ignoring email marketing. If done right, It brings explosive results. But how?

As of 2019, 3.9 billion people were found to be using email. According to data, this number is expected to reach over 4.3 billion in 2023.

4.3 billion! Oh my,

Not just that, email makes an enormous comeback. You get an incredible return on your investment. Numbers show that 87% of marketers use email marketing to circulate their content. Once you’ve successfully grown an enormous email subscribers list, there’s got to be an increase in your traffic and ultimately in revenue.

But how do you effectively grow your email list?

Here are some proven tactics to help you with that:

● Make your blog likable

● Use the email subscriber widget on your homepage

● Use email subscriber popup

● Create valuable content

● Host unique giveaways for email subscribers

Key Point: Email makes a comeback

4. Create Amazing Content — Deliver Quality

Image source: I created myself

You want people to come on your blog, get through blog posts, share it on social media, and buy your product/service (if any). How do you bring them to your site? Through blog posts that score well on Google.

Once you’ve successfully attracted them to your website. Now what? You need to give them a reason for engaging with your brand, taking it as a trustable platform, and establishing a strong connection.

The only way you can do that is by creating original, engaging, and captivating content.

If your blog post (that brought them to you) doesn’t help people with what they were looking for, there’s a great chance that they look at your brand’s name and NEVER come to it again.

However, what are the basic characteristics of amazing content?

Afew are listed below:

● Helps people with what they were looking for

● Engages with people and creates a connection with your blog

● Has natural integration of keywords

● Looks visually captivative

● Reflects the personality of the brand

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Key Point: Deliver valuable content that helps the target audience

5. Add an Effective CTA (sharing blogs)

Image source: backlinko

Call-to-action (CTA) means to prompt an immediate response that could be in the form of asking people to subscribe to you, buy your product, or something likewise — something that benefits you.

It’s mostly used to generate more sales. Whether you sell products (or services) or not, including a CTA call-to-action is useful.

But how can I use a CTA when I ain’t selling something?

Suppose that you do not promote your product or service through your blog posts, you can still use CTA by asking people to share the post, comment on it, or something similar that could benefit you.

For instance, here’s how backlinko has done this. (image below)

Image source: Backlinko

Key Point: Give people something to do at the end (that benefits you)

6. Be Consistent — Use Content Calendar

Being consistent is something highly important in every aspect of life. When it comes to blogging, the case is similar. For being successful in your blogging journey, make sure to create and publish the content at regular basis — with regular intervals of time.

This helps Google to scan your website and rank the new content you’re posting. Not just for the sake of SEO, consistently publishing new content is important for user engagement as well. If you’re good at creating content, your email subscribers might be desperately waiting for new posts to come out.

But how do you consistently publish content? What’s the most effective way?

The best and the most effective way is to create a strategy. Plan on how many blog posts are going to come out every month. To ensure that you’re creating and publishing on regular basis, use a content calendar and firmly stick to it.

Don’t take it from me. Take it from our favorite actor: Dwayne Johnson.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. Dwayne Johnson

Key Point: Consistently generate and publish new content

7. Craft Amazing Headlines

What’s the most effective thing that brings people to your website? Your website authority? No, Your visitor count? No. Then what is it?

Well, it’s your headlines. As a blogger, you need to be good at this aspect. If you aren’t. There’s still something you can do to craft attractive headlines that hook up readers. Want to know what’s that? Come closer and listen. It’s CoSchedule’s FREE headline analyzer.

It’s a highly useful tool that lets you craft an effective headline optimized for both; click-through rates and SEO.

However, here are some effective tactics you can use to make your headline stand out and reach your readers:

● Use numbers

● Use emotional objectives

● Explain why the reader needs to open the link

● Make a promise

● Be specific

Key Point: Craft catchy headlines to grab the reader’s attention

8. Backup Your Claims — Use Data

While crafting blog posts, we often have to make claims, show data, etc. For example, you can write “Over 2.3 billion people use Youtube”. Okay. You’ve made your point and shown the readers that Youtube is widely used.

But where’s the proof? Why would someone believe you?

The best way to prove such claims is by using links leading to the data or by creating your own data table. For instance, below is the example of using a link:

Image source: Backlinko

This way, the reader can open the link to see the source if he has a doubt.

Key Point: Use links to other websites when making claims

Wrapping It Up

In the versatile and complex business of blogging, beginners often get confused and make mistakes. These mistakes may result in poor SEO ranking that can become a great cause of demotivation or even worse; giving up.

However, no one wants to invest all his time, efforts, and money for nothing (in return).

That’s how I came up with the idea of presenting some helpful blogging tips to help you succeed.

Hope you loved this post. If you really did, make sure to share it with your friends.

Which tactic are you going to try first? Let me know.



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